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Entry #3

Ok, so.

2010-03-13 13:45:36 by Xenas

I got my account back up, like, a week ago, after losing it to some mother***** that likes to **** ** and *****
and that should be ******* right in the ******* so he learns to ********* without ******** everything.

so, my good friend just asked me to post a song. and when i mean JUST ASKED i mean right now, via skype.

ok, when i got my acc back i was going to post bowser's 0.3 but Jake had already done the deed for me.

so, now i'm submitting the ching ching.

and those useless news posts will remain there untill i find out how to get rid of them.


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2010-03-14 12:43:30

you know you can delete the guy above me right?


2010-03-27 09:32:53

HI, yea so if you want to delete a news post all you have to do is.

go to your news posts and look at the title of it. under that there should be a edit button.

just click that then delete all the text and tada! youre done :3


2010-05-15 23:13:45

i invite you to show us all that you are who you claim to be its simple really go to the LOK forum and Post "I am Xenas" that's all you have to do.


2010-05-16 01:04:31

we heard from playshapes over at the LOK forum so i guess i owe you an apology...

so here it goes

you sorry little dutch bag wana be, you should suck playshapes err... wait

he is a pretender nothing more... then internet gutter trash.


2010-05-20 22:33:45

since you still have the "i am playshapes" up I'll leave this here.

ladies and gentlemen the REAL PLAYSHAPES has arrived.