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Ok, so.

2010-03-13 13:45:36 by Xenas

I got my account back up, like, a week ago, after losing it to some mother***** that likes to **** ** and *****
and that should be ******* right in the ******* so he learns to ********* without ******** everything.

so, my good friend just asked me to post a song. and when i mean JUST ASKED i mean right now, via skype.

ok, when i got my acc back i was going to post bowser's 0.3 but Jake had already done the deed for me.

so, now i'm submitting the ching ching.

and those useless news posts will remain there untill i find out how to get rid of them.

Hey Guise

2010-01-05 21:21:00 by Xenas



2008-02-25 15:03:37 by Xenas